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We all have our little specialities. Mine are guitars, taking pictures, drawing (yes, I'm a frustrated artiste, dahlink), walking the dog and other stuff. So here are some of my favourite websites, just because.

My dream job is to be a photographer for National Geographic. If I could take just one shot good enough to get past their picture editors, I would die happy and content -

National Geographic photography

I make guitars as well as play them. And Keith Axetec sells me most of the bits I use when I build ’em. He's a bloody star -


This next site is childish, rude, offensive and makes me laugh. A lot -


I know it’s a hideous cliché for a writer to admit to doing crosswords, but honestly, they’re a blast and anyway, you don’t have to be a writer to like them. My brothers and sisters are well into them too, and they include a retail manager, an electrician and a nurse. Anyway, here’s where I get my daily fix of cruciverbalism -


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