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What would you say to a colleague who said “That accountant of ours is really quite expensive; yes, he does a good job, but I can count too and anyone can use a calculator, so from now on, I’m doing the company’s accounts, ok?”

You’d probably think he was in serious need of a holiday.

Yet many marketing people think in exactly the same way as the would-be accountant and though they’re thinking about copy, they’re just as wrong.

First, no one saves any money by doing it themselves. Apart from anything else, your time costs, too.

Second, there’s a big difference between writing to colleagues and writing good copy that can impress and persuade potential customers.

In fact, the better the writer, the more you make, so instead of paying for a good copywriter, a good copywriter will soon pay you.

So next time you feel like writing your own copy, go and have a lie down till it passes, then drop me a line and I'll sort everything for you.


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